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Dragoborne Rise to Supremacy - Trial Deck TD05 Nature's Wrath


With the constant assault on Tir na Nog, the once ever green forests that sheltered this peaceful nation now stands charred and barren. However, nature endures in ways that the simple do not understand. It evolves. Now it has something deadly in store for those who have brought destruction upon it. With the help of the elves, na...

Dragoborne Rise to Supremacy - Trial Deck TD04 Reaper's Gift

As war rages on and the depths of hell are filled to the brim, the reaper has decided to grant a lucky few an opportunity for escape. Wouldn't you want to fight without the fear of an abrupt end in death? Of course you would, but everything has a cost.

With the Reaper's Gift deck, you have a personal line with the angel of death himself. Feel free to send your creatures against ...